Detox Diet

Detox diets can mean many things. It can be a cleanse that you do over a short period time - a few days. Or, it can be a dietary experiment that you try for a few weeks to see how it makes your body feel. What's most important when detoxing is to be really mindful of how your body feels, and what it may need. A cleanse is meant to be a jump start - but after you commit to doing it, you may find that changing your diet, even partially, may be something that you want to keep! This is an example of a day eating a Raw Diet.


Green Veggie smoothie with almond milk, raw buckwheat and chia seed porridge with berries, bee pollen, nut butter and cashew cream


Walnut-"Tuna" and avocado "sushi" rolls, messaged kale and citrus salad with sesame seeds and citrus dressing, 


Raw grape-leaf dolmas stuffed with sunflower seeds and seasonal veggie "meat" topped with delicious green tahini sauce, raw cauliflower "cous-cous", and creamy zucchini-chickpea hummus served with almond pulp and sesame crackers and banana-berry "ice-cream" for dessert