"I used Grace to cook for a friend's baby shower that I was throwing, and it was great! We checked in a few times about the menu that I wanted, and the time of the party - but it was so easy and low stress. I would recommend her to my friends. "

-Merecedes Allen, Head of Production at Biscuit Productions


"I work a lot. So having healthy, plant-based meals  for me and my family prepped and waiting for me at my house has been a life saver! Grace worked with me and my family to figure out what we like. So every week we have a few of our favorites and a few new things to try. We love it!"

-Stephanie Weatherbee, Labor Leader


"When I was diagnosed with IBS, I was overwhelmed - to say the least. My doctor told me brown to eat brown rice and steamed salmon. After about a week that got old. Grace and I worked together to build a meal plan that worked for me. Through an illumination diet we figured out what I could and couldn't eat and helped me get my IBS under control."

-Jackie Mahoney, MSW