I wish that I could say that my love of cooking started when I was a kid; that those magical moments with my grandmother in the kitchen were my culinary inspiration. Sadly, that would be a lie. I started cooking for completely dark, utilitarian reasons.  I was working a 70 hr a week job. My body and mind were falling apart and I was losing it, big time. And in a moment of truly inspired insanity, I freaked out and quit my job. With my new found time, and lost health insurance, I started to figure out what would make me feel better. A little exercise helped.  Making time for friends and family too. And then the big one: food. My bad habit of not eating all day, guzzling gallons of coffee and then a whole DiGiornos pizza at 11 pm before passing out in front of the TV was turning me into a monster.

     But with a lot of fiddling and time I learned a few things: giving yourself a moment to chill out is half the puzzle. The other half is figuring out what your body needs – and what it doesn’t. Turns out mine doesn’t need sugar (candida belly – oof), or any refined or white carbs. They make me bloated, slow and cranky. That seedling of knowledge, coupled with the decision to change, is the foundation of Good Grace’s Cooking. That with a little help, figuring out how to feed yourself and your family in the best, simplest way, can lead to a better and more peaceful existence on this planet.